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Hello! My name is Christina. Welcome to my personal blog. I write about various cybersecurity topics and other things off-topic including gaming, astronomy, and my favorite apps.

I am a vCISO and the Vice President of Operations at SaltCyber.com. I write about cybersecurity topics around cybersecurity policy, compliance, tech, and cybersecurity awareness over at CyberSolace.io. I'm always interested in speaking with others and learning more about all of those topics.

I'm a Filipina-American, born in the Philippines and raised in Asia and Europe. I've lived and worked in different countries and earned my B.A. in Communications in Europe, before relocating to the U.S. I hold an M.S. in Cybersecurity and an MBA. I am also the founder of CyberRhythms Consulting.

When not at my desk I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, gaming, watching movies, and eating snacks. I love exploring apps like Notion.so for productivity, D&D, Roam and Obsidian for research, and other stuff. :)

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