Lightning Round with President Obama | NSLS

President Barack Obama participated in a fun Lighting Round Q&A with NSLS President Charles Knippen. The former President had 90 seconds to answer 8 questions and he nailed it with 12 seconds left on the clock.

The 8 Questions and President Obama’s Answers:

1. Favorite Book?
President Obama: A Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

2. A leader people should know about?
President Obama: Ella Baker, an unsung Civil Rights hero.

3. Favorite pump-up/motivational song?
President Obama: My First Song by Jay-Z

4. Favorite quote?
President Obama:Don’t worry about doing things right, so much as doing the right thing.

5. Stress reliever?
President Obama: Exercise

6. Place that makes you happy?
President Obama: Hawaii

7. Favorite movie?
President Obama: The Godfather

8. Important lesson learned outside the classroom?
President Obama: “Be useful and be kind.”

With 12 seconds left Charles Knippen said that President Obama seems to now have the brevity thing down. President Obama replied that his wife, Michelle, and daughters might contest whether or not he gots the brevity thing down. :)

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