Mentor Sessions | August Bradley's NotionLifeDesign

Mentor Sessions | August Bradley's NotionLifeDesign

August Bradley recently launched his Course. As I will be one of the Mentors, I wanted to introduce the other Mentors and tell you more about them. The NotionLifeDesign Course teaches people how to implement and use August Bradley's Life Operating System and PPV System (you may be familiar with his YouTube Series) using Notion.

Every week there will be a Live Session for each Mentor Groups to meet accessible to course members. Each Mentor has a different style and the sessions will be conducted differently as every person is coming from a different background and also, approached PPV & NotionLifeDesign from their own perspective. This is so incredible for members of the Year Zero Community. Members of the course also have access to each Mentor’s designated Chat Channel so the conversation can continue outside of the weekly Live Session.

The Mentors, including myself, have gone through August Bradley’s First Cohort and implemented the Notion PPV System into our lives. I’m so happy to be one of the Mentors. They are all so incredible and each person has so much to offer that we can all learn from. The other Mentors are Cams Campbell, Dagmar Mehling, Michelle Blicavs, Paco Cantero and Vishnu Kumar.

Here’s a little more about each Mentor, in their own words:
Cams Campbell | Content Creator & Musician | Scotland - “I’m a content creator and musician on a Scottish island. Right now I'm working on four YouTube channels and have a side hustle as a guitar teacher and gigging player. My aspiration is to become a thought leader in the addiction recovery space. I use the NLD system to manage my YouTube business and to align my daily actions with my guiding principles. It ties in very nicely with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, so in that sense the system is helping me to practice these principles in all my affairs. It's incredibly powerful!”

Cams’ Areas of Expertise: Identity Sculpting, Mindset, Addiction Recovery, Content Creation (YouTube+Music)
Cams’ PPV Expertise: Personal & Business, Guiding Principles, Alignment Zone, Weekly Reviews & Daily Tracking

Dagmar Mehling | Certified Notion consultant, content creator and digital nomad| Germany — As the first German Certified Notion Consultant, I specialize in solopreneurs and small businesses. I help them establish and simplify their daily workflows. As a result, they can focus on the things that really matter to them. I want to show others how it IS possible to change your entire life through daily actions. This is why I'm building my own online brand around life design and productivity.” My vision is to empower people to become who they want to be, way beyond the traditional "faster, bigger, stronger" approach.

Dagmar’s Areas of Expertise: Solopreneurs & Small Companies
Dagmar’s PPV Expertise: Personal & Business, Alignment Zone — breaking high level vision into daily actions

Michelle Blicavs | CEO, Director, Business Coach| Australia — “In our busy world, it can be hard to keep all the balls in the air... Family, work, friends, hobbies and YOU. I'm passionate about helping others reduce stress by being organised with a clear plan for a way forward - with tools like PPV and Notion.I look forward to helping you optimise your business and your personal life for success using PPV - and helping you discover the Unique Leader within!”

Michelle’s Area of Expertise: Professional Development, Personal & Professional Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Business Management
Michelle’s PPV Expertise: Vaults, Guiding Principles, PPV for Personal Life, Notion as All-In One Tool, Personal & Business

Paco Cantero Entrepreneur | Spain —“I'm Paco, an entrepreneur from Madrid, Spain.I'm passionate about life!A life of fulfillment that leads us to happiness is what we're all looking for.That's what I've been working for more than 30 years, being focused on productivity, personal development, tech, and entrepreneurship.

Paco’s Areas of Expertise: Habits, Time Management, Data Management, Decision Making Process, Relationships, Emotions Management, Performance Enhancement, Business & Entrepreurship, Personal Growth
Paco’s PPV Expertise: Personal & Business, Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Achieving Goals

Vishnu Kumar | Product Manage+Writer | United States —“What I’m Passionate about: Community + Network Growth, Mental + Physical Optimization,Evolutionary Psychology, Self-development
Currently working on...Writing, Podcasting, Web3 research, Currently obsessed with DAOs"

Vishnu’s Areas of Expertise: Content Creation, Silicon Valley + Startups, Product Development, Mindset & Consistency, Fitness & Health, High Leverage Lifestyle Design, Time + Energy Management, Relationship/Network Building
Vishnu’s PPV Expertise: Personal & Business, Obsidian, Automations (Zapier & Integromat), Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), PPV in Relationships

These Mentor Sessions are intended for everyone regardless of where they are at in the course itself and their implementation of the PPV System in their personal lives or for their businesses. This a valuable resource and such a great opportunity to discuss wins, challenges, and even the flexible adjustments those make to the PPV system a they adjust it to how their own specific needs and methods. You can learn more at And, stay tuned for my next post about my own experience with the course and highlights on the resources August and his incredible team have provided for members.