Notion: The All-In-One Workspace

Notion: The All-In-One Workspace

I wanted to share a quick note on my initial experiences with Notion. I will definitely be writing more about the app here on my blog, as it is something I’m quite interested in, and has been an app I’ve enjoyed working in as it has continued to evolve and mature.

What it Notion?

Notion is a digital productivity app which you can use as an all-in-one workspace solo or with a team. You can use it to manage personal projects or use it to manage your business. Within the app you can take notes, add tasks, create pages for projects, link and relate databases… You can develop your own layouts and create your own toolkits to work for you and your own personal workflow. The app and its building blocks can be used to create the exact template that you need, to display the exact information that you need.

Some thoughts…

A couple of years ago I discovered Notion while looking into different writing tools. I had been using Scrivener and Ulysses for various writing projects. During graduate school I would sometimes organize my courses and assignment in Microsoft OneNote. I’ve used OneNote and Evernote through out the years for a variety of different projects. When I found Notion I was excited about what the app could do and how freeform it was. I could manipulate my own data, organize, and tie it in or relate data to each other, exactly the way I needed and wanted.

Like many people, I started playing with Notion then stepped away and put it down. I came back to it just before the Pandemic. I started organizing my writing, my research, and slowly noticed myself expanding the tool into other projects for family, home, and school. I started reading everything I could about Notion and went through all of their videos… going on deep dives into their relational databases, roll-ups, and formulas. I found myself using it more and more. I incorporated it into my daily practice it became one of the strongest productivity tools I use.

You can use it for team wikis, projects, or creating a database for your Pokemon :)

Currently, I have been using Notion to track some of my personal cybersecurity research projects, work projects, and even personal projects for both home and family. Another area I’ve been toying with in Notion is using it for Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. I’ll be writing more about Notion and the many ways it can be adapted and used. The Notion API was recently released and I have been working on setting up various integrations using and Zapier. When it comes to Notion there is just so much you can do with it and the way any one can customize it to work for themselves and what they are doing either personally, academically, or professionally can be transformative to any organizational system and work flow.