#YourEverydayCyber Podcast | Digital Guardians at the Gate

#YourEverydayCyber Podcast | Digital Guardians at the Gate

I was a recent guest on the Your Everyday Cyber Podcast hosted by Diana Kelley and Limor Kessem and sponsored by ITPS Magazine. We discussed what ATS Systems are and how ATS Systems affect the job hunting process for many applicants. I’m a former technical recruiter and Diana and Limor gave me the opportunity to explain why companies use ATS systems, what they are and what they do, and what you can do to see if your resume aligns with ATS systems when you are applying for roles. It was an awesome experience to sit down and speak with two women in cybersecurity whom I both admire and look up to.

You can listen to the podcast here:

#YourEverdyaCyber with Limor Kessem and Diana Kelley
Digital Guardians at the Gate | Job Hunting in 2021 with Christina Stokes

About the Hosts of the Everyday Cyber Podcast

Diana Kelley | @DianaKelley14 on Twitter

Diana Kelley | Co-Founder & CTO, Security Curve

Diana Kelley’s career in security spans over 30 years. She is the CTO and co-founder of SecurityCurve. Kelley continues to donate her time to volunteer work across the cybersecurity community. She is a speaker, author, and serves on several boards including Sightline Security and Inclusion Working Group at Women in Cybersecurity. Kelley also serves on the Association for Computing Machinery Ethics & Plagiarism Committee. Kelley also produces the #MyCyberWhy series. Throughout her career Kelley has worked as the cybersecurity field CTO at Microsoft and global executive security advisor at IBM Security. Kelley has also co-authored multiple books about cybersecurity and was awarded the 2020 Executive of the the Year by the Executive Women’s Forum and was one of Cybersecurity Venture’s 1000 Fascinating Females Fighting Cybercrime.

Limor Kessem | @iCyberFighter on Twitter

Limor Kessem | Executive Security AdvIsor, IBM

Limor Kessem is top cybersecurity intelligence expert and an Executive Security Advisor at IBM Security, speaker, and author. Kessem is a strong advocate for women in cybersecurity and is highly sought after for her expertise and work in cybersecurity thought leadership. She is a public speaker, blogger, and author. She works with other CISOs, CSOs, and CIOs at some of the largest corporations and governments across the globe. Along with her work at IBM, Kessem is a part of the Tel-Aviv University Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center and is a founder member of the Cyber Week FraudCon Conference. Kessem also volunteers in the cybersecurity community in local chapters of OWASP and BSides.